Saturday, October 25, 2014

~Two Wedding Gifts

A couple of my midwifery friends got married this year and I finally finished their wedding gifts! Everything is 100% cotton and easy to wash. I hope they find it all to be useful in their new homes!

I used Paisley Pincushion's Reversible Scalloped Apron Pattern to make the two aprons. For the knitted cotton dischloths, I used the free Grandmother's Favorite pattern and the napkins are simply 14"x 14" squares hemmed on each side. I was able to use up some fabrics and yarns from my stash and I was able to sew a seam here or knit a row there throughout busy days. Eventually, everything was completed. Win win! 

What have you all been making lately?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

~Pink to Burgundy Chair Slipcover and Make-Over

Thanks to my Grammie's help, I was able to recover my mother's pink chair that she has had for about 30 years! It really needed a make-over! The fabric used is upholstery fabric from Joann's. 

While it may look like it is re-upholstered, it is actually a slipcover that can be taken off and washed because of the hidden zipper in one of the back seams of the chair. Below are some pictures of our progress working on the chair. Making fitted slip covers takes some time because a pattern has to be draped and made for each individual project/piece of furniture. It took about two days but was very worth it! My mother loves it! Thanks for your help, Grammie!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

~Christmas Coasters!

Normally, I am quite the procrastinator but I have some big life changes occurring come January. No room for holiday over flow this year! I am trying to get started on things early (it's almost November...maybe this isn't actually all that early.) and work a little bit each day. I've had some progress so far! These are for gifts and a dear friend asked me to sew several sets of coasters for her own family and friends. I happily obliged! 

Each set has 6 coasters. I used Christmas themed quilter's cotton and I followed the instructions over at a Heartmade Life. I am actually a little bit sad that they are finished because they were so fun and relaxing to make! I love projects that can be done assembly style and take little thought. I get to check things off my to do list while not stressing. That is always nice.... ;)

What are you hoping to make for Christmas this year? Blessings!

Monday, April 28, 2014

~1860's Navy and White Summer Day Dress

I drafted the pattern myself using the instructions outlined in Mrs. Clark's The Dressmaker's Guide. The bodice pattern was made using the draping technique and the skirt and sleeves are simple rectangles. As you can see, the long sleeves button into the short, puffed sleeves for more versatility. I purchased the floral lawn and navy Swiss dot from Fashion Fabrics Club. The skirt is gauged and attached to the bodice with a dog-leg placket and full enough to go over a very large hoop. The collar was made very quickly out of a vintage handkerchief. Someday, I hope I can have pictures of the recipient wearing her dress. For now, these will have to suffice. Happy Spring! 

(Please excuse the fact that this dress was not displayed on a dress form for the pictures. My dress form was too small for this dress.)

Friday, April 18, 2014

~Navajo Waves Ripple Afghan

The very beginning.......

In progress......

Blocking time!

This wool loved the steam and I loved that it turned out with square corners and straight edges.....

All done and ready to go!

For more information on the pattern and yarn that I used, see my ravelry project page

Friday, April 4, 2014

{An 1860's Child's Dress}

The weather here has been just crazy! One day, we have 60* weather and the next, we have snow! Sheesh! I sewed this little dress for a friend of ours a couple of weeks ago and I thought I should take advantage of the pretty precipitation that this photoshoot would offer. 

The fabric is simple cotton homespun from Joann's fabrics and the trim is from Abraham's Lady. Both have been in the stash for some time and I think it will be much enjoyed by this little boy. (Yes, little boys wore dresses until they were toiled trained in the 1860's.) 

His mother let me borrow his current dress to make a pattern. I then enlarged it in the side seams, around the armscye, and lengthened the sleeves, bodice and skirt. It was very easy and it was so nice to not pay for a pattern! Similar styles of patterns can be bought from the Sewing Academy

Finished with wooden buttons, also from Abraham's Lady. Easy peasy!