Saturday, October 31, 2009


Hello all,

I typed in Enya on and am listening to some lovely music whilst knitting Christmas gifts.

My cat sits next to me and purrs.

God's simple blessings are profound.

Have a joyful Lord's Day!

As Always,
Bethany Lynn

Thursday, October 29, 2009

All my projects have no sleeves!

Well, I said it, all my projects have no sleeves :D Before I begin, I will add that I hope to post pictures ASAP!

~My dad's sack coat is sitting over here with the body all finished minus the sleeves. I have them cut out but I am still contemplating how to put the cuff part together. I could just do a facing but I think a functioning button with facings would be nice.

~My brown wool paletote (with matching silk taffeta lining!!!) is hanging on my dress form also with out sleeves. It even has trim (all 9 yards hand stitched on.....) which I adore to no end! I know what I want the sleeves to look like but I am not sure how to draft them yet. I will let you all know how that goes :D

~ Lastly, I cut out my mother's paletote! I have to admit, sadly, that at first it looked like a burka. It was much too long (nearly as long as her dress!) and very ill fitting. I had to take in the back along with the sides and add darts in the front. It is looking much better now ;) I have it all hemmed and the lining is also put together and all hemmed. Just a tip for you all: If you are working with wool and putting a silk taffeta lining in it, make sure to cut the silk taffeta lining larger!* Silk taffeta has absolutely now give where as wool stretches very easily. So if you use the same size/pattern to cut out your outer fabric and your lining you will find that your lining seems much too small. I recommend cutting your lining to the next size and things go together much easier. As a friend of mine would say, same song, second verse! This verse is much easier than the first (my paletote when I didn't take into account the wool/silk stretch ratio) =) While we are at it, her paletote is a dark green color. What would you all do for trim? I am thinking brown or a coordinating green but I already have brown trim on mine and I am not too crazy about green :/

As Always,
Bethany Lynn

* This only really matters if you are making a fitted garment to go on the body. A winter wool hood with silk lining won't really have this problem, for example.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A short update.....

Hello all,

I just wanted to give you all a quick update. Right now I am working away on my family's clothing for Civil War reenacting. We have several cold weather events coming up in November and December so I need to make some sort of coat for each person. I am almost done with a sack coat (casual civilian) for my dad and a paletote (no waist seam coat) for my self. I am planning on cutting my mother's paletote out very soon and I will post information and pictures on patterns and fabric ect. The big thing right now is that I am researching civilian frock coats for my dad. Right now I have the black wool fabric (most common for civilians by the 1860s) but I need to purchase the lining, padding, canvas ect. I hope to do a more detailed post on that soon also.

As Always,

Monday, October 26, 2009

In which I actually clean up.......

Hello all,

I have had to work on some major projects lately in our craft room but that involved cleaning up the place first ;) So this is what ensued.

First the closet before. Looks like someone was working with the white scraps and didn't care to put them back along with some other things.

And the rest of the room.

Here is the closet after. LOOK! There is nothing on the floor.
And while this may not be that clean to some people, it is fairly clean considering I was in the middle of working on a project on the table.
Remember all that fabric that was piled on the floor and other places? Well that had to go somewhere.
Enter game closet that is hardly ever used!

Just had to take off the door.....
Fill with fabric..... and ta-da a great place to store the fabric stash!
We have wools, linens, and the bolt of muslin on the top shelf along with some other random bits that are being stored for later use.
Civil War cottons on the top and modern cottons on the bottom.
The infamous white scrap bins along with the civil war cotton scraps. There is also batting on each side of the drawers.

Oh, and trust me, it took quite a bit longer than my words could actually express. ;) I also hope to write more about the afore mentioned projects very soon

As Always,

Many Blessings,

Bethany Lynn

It has begun!

Hello All!

I am finally sitting down to start my sewing blog on a beautiful autumn day here in Virginia! The changing seasons has reminded me to get going on cold weather projects so I hope to start sharing those with you all very soon! My hope is that I can share one of my loves with you all and that you might be just a little inspired along the way!

Blessings to you all!

As Always,
Bethany Lynn