Thursday, October 29, 2009

All my projects have no sleeves!

Well, I said it, all my projects have no sleeves :D Before I begin, I will add that I hope to post pictures ASAP!

~My dad's sack coat is sitting over here with the body all finished minus the sleeves. I have them cut out but I am still contemplating how to put the cuff part together. I could just do a facing but I think a functioning button with facings would be nice.

~My brown wool paletote (with matching silk taffeta lining!!!) is hanging on my dress form also with out sleeves. It even has trim (all 9 yards hand stitched on.....) which I adore to no end! I know what I want the sleeves to look like but I am not sure how to draft them yet. I will let you all know how that goes :D

~ Lastly, I cut out my mother's paletote! I have to admit, sadly, that at first it looked like a burka. It was much too long (nearly as long as her dress!) and very ill fitting. I had to take in the back along with the sides and add darts in the front. It is looking much better now ;) I have it all hemmed and the lining is also put together and all hemmed. Just a tip for you all: If you are working with wool and putting a silk taffeta lining in it, make sure to cut the silk taffeta lining larger!* Silk taffeta has absolutely now give where as wool stretches very easily. So if you use the same size/pattern to cut out your outer fabric and your lining you will find that your lining seems much too small. I recommend cutting your lining to the next size and things go together much easier. As a friend of mine would say, same song, second verse! This verse is much easier than the first (my paletote when I didn't take into account the wool/silk stretch ratio) =) While we are at it, her paletote is a dark green color. What would you all do for trim? I am thinking brown or a coordinating green but I already have brown trim on mine and I am not too crazy about green :/

As Always,
Bethany Lynn

* This only really matters if you are making a fitted garment to go on the body. A winter wool hood with silk lining won't really have this problem, for example.

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