Monday, October 26, 2009

In which I actually clean up.......

Hello all,

I have had to work on some major projects lately in our craft room but that involved cleaning up the place first ;) So this is what ensued.

First the closet before. Looks like someone was working with the white scraps and didn't care to put them back along with some other things.

And the rest of the room.

Here is the closet after. LOOK! There is nothing on the floor.
And while this may not be that clean to some people, it is fairly clean considering I was in the middle of working on a project on the table.
Remember all that fabric that was piled on the floor and other places? Well that had to go somewhere.
Enter game closet that is hardly ever used!

Just had to take off the door.....
Fill with fabric..... and ta-da a great place to store the fabric stash!
We have wools, linens, and the bolt of muslin on the top shelf along with some other random bits that are being stored for later use.
Civil War cottons on the top and modern cottons on the bottom.
The infamous white scrap bins along with the civil war cotton scraps. There is also batting on each side of the drawers.

Oh, and trust me, it took quite a bit longer than my words could actually express. ;) I also hope to write more about the afore mentioned projects very soon

As Always,

Many Blessings,

Bethany Lynn


  1. Hello Bethany,

    I found out about your blog through your sister's post on the Sense and Sensibility forum. I have enjoyed reading about and seeing pictures of the organization of your sewing room. I need to get my sewing area in order, too. I look forward to seeing your sewing projects.

  2. How gorgeous and organised it all looks. My sewing area is in desperate need of a clean before I get started on my next projects.

  3. That's a lot of fabric! There is nothing like an organized fabric closet to make me feel like sewing!

  4. Hi! What a great post! Your sister posted your blog on the Sense and Sensebility forum, and I just had to check it out! I recently started a blog as well, isn't blogging fun?!LOL!:)

  5. This post is amazingly helpful to me since I am working on getting my own work space set up and organized so that everything is convenient and handy. You did a wonderful job and it looks like such an inviting space to work in!

    I am thrilled you started a blog and can't wait to read more posts and see your projects!

  6. I'm taking notes! :) My bedroom doubles as a sewing room, so I have multiple sewing projects all over the place, as well. Thanks for posting pictures.

    By the way, I loved the quilt you made! It was so beautiful and old-fashioned looking.

  7. What an inspiring post! I wish I had a room to set aside as an official "Sewing Room"! I sew in the livingroom on a little canning table and my fabric has no "official" storage spot either. Ah, the downside of old, small houses!