Friday, November 20, 2009

Busy times

Hello all,

You might have guessed it but these have been busy times around here! Today seems like the official start of the Christmas season because we made or first batch(actually 6 batches) of Cranberry Chutney. The house has been smelling simply lovely as there is nothing like cinnamon and orange together :) I made another batch of granola bars a few days ago and need to make some more soon.

Tomorrow we are going to Remembrance Day in Gettysburg, PA! This is the event I have been busily preparing for as it marks the beginning of the cold weather season reenacting season for us. I am very (!!!) happy to say that all four pieces of outerwear have been completed and are hanging on hangers. My sister finished hers just a half hour ago. It needs trim as does My mother's but that will wait till the next event :) I decided to push myself and make my dad a wool vest so I still need to put buttons and buttonholes on it before I go to bed tonight but other than that I don't technically have to do anything. I could come up with nearly half a dozen garments that would have been nice to have done but I simply don't have any more time. Anyways, since we are going to Remembrance Day tomorrow and will be all decked out, I can actually show you all pictures of the finished garments. It might take me a while to post them all as it is quite a bit but I promise I will because I will have absolutely no excuse :)

Now that Sarah has posted about David's Overalls, I really would like to make a pair for my dad. They seem like such a universal garment and one wouldn't have to worry about getting a nice pair of trousers dirty. What do you think, Dad? So much to think on :) My list for garments for my dad is getting really long!

My grandparents are coming in on Tuesday for Thanksgiving so we have been also been busily preparing for that :) I hope to update on those festivites also.

Bethany Lynn


  1. Oh, I am so jealous! :) I can't wait to see pictures from your event!! I wish I was going, alas, our events are all over until Spring.

    I think overalls would be a great addition to any male wardrobe. They are so easy to do and I wish I had made them long before; it only took two afternoons to sew them up.

  2. Maybe someday we could go to an event together. Some day! That would be just lovely. Do let me know when you are coming out this way :) Lots of events are pretty popular over here!