Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Granola Take 1

Lately I have been trying to eat the smallest amout of sugar possible. Honestly, it can be rather hard considering that nearly everything that comes in a box/bag has added sugar or artificial sugar added. Today I wanted something that would satisfy my sweet tooth but still not have any processed sugars in it. So I came up with granola! It seemed easy enough anyways :) I found the recipe
here. As Katie suggested, I used peanut butter in place of the butter and added cocoa instead of chocolate chips unlike with some dried cherries. Yummy!

I learned that I really am a messy baker while doing this. I got cocoa on my shirt (Note to self: where apron even if it doesn't seem like a dirty job.) and oats and cherries all over the floor :) It did smell delicious though and don't worry! I did clean it up!

The finished product! I was going to show it on a plate cut into bars but it was so crumbly that it would have just looked like granola not granola bars!
As Always,
Bethany Lynn


  1. That sounds and looks delicious! Especially with the dried cherries. . .ymm. I made quite a few granola bars earlier this year with oats, brown sugar, craisens and shredded coconut. I need to start making them again. They are so filling, and much healthier for you than many other things. Peanut butter as an ingredient sounds really good too.

  2. They are so filling! It makes a great snack with a glass of milk :)