Saturday, November 7, 2009

My desk on this November morning.....

This is my desk on this lovely November morning! I turned on my lamp to bring in more light on this over cast day. The next three weekends are already filled on my calendar :D I have schedules and lists taped to my wall that sadly need updating along with a map of Europe from 1648. I have my inspiration portfolio set up with a few new pictures to start the day on a creative note. A Prayer by Jane Austen and an article called Twelve Pillars of Biblical Womanhood inspire me in other ways. My current major project is my father's 1860's frock coat. You can see diagrams, pictures and a drafting book from 1859 on how to do it. I think I need a translator for that one :D I also have my knitting to keep me busy when I need a break to think on these drafting techniques. I am also compiling a shopping list of supplies I need for the afore mentioned coat. Below my desk are abandoned school books that need tending to and believe it not, I need a bigger desk because I am sitting on the floor typing this since there is no more room with all those rescources up there! Oh, and you can't really see my chair because it has another coat on it along with a mid-nineteenth century wrapper (read robe) in progress.
Another project that is in the back of my mind is writing lesson plans for a sewing class that might start in January. There is a very fine line in meshing modern beginner projects and truly learning good techniques that will last a seamstress a life time. I have a home ec book from the 1930's that does the latter but not the former. Any ideas on beginner projects that also build to more complicated ones?
Have a blessed productive day!
As Always,
Bethany Lynn

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