Saturday, November 21, 2009

Remembrance Day 2009

Ok, here are pictures as I promised!

Basically, Remembrance Day is a parade in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania specifically dedicated to reenactors and to remember what they do. Military and Civilian units from the area walk in the parade and many people come come out to see it :) We represent the Pinkerton Agency from the time period (aka Union spys) along with the US telegraph service. This event really represents a landmark for me because my family's basic Civil War wardrobes are finished (!!!). There are some things that we would like to add but we don't have to go to an event and freak out before hand any more because we all have the basics. It has taken a while, but we are all now at this point. YAY!

Waiting for the parade to start! You can kind of see my sister's paletote in these pictures. I helped her use the Period Impressions paletote pattern. We changed it up quite a bit and hope to share more information on that also.
Some letters were falling off of our flag so we had to sew them back on. Note to self: Bring emergency sewing kit :)

Wool Vest: DeVere's Draft
Wool Sack Coat: Homespun Patterns Linen Trousers: Past Patterns
Tucked Shirt: Past Patterns
Cravat: Corner Clothiers
Hat: Dirty Billy Hat's
By the way, he was also waiting for the parade to start :)

Waiting to start walking. Can you tell that this event was a lot of hurry up and wait-ing type stuff? =)

Wool Paletot with Velvet trim: Kay Fig
Cotton Dress with Gathered Bodice: Dressmaker's Guide
Robert Land Boots
ETA: My hair took me about half an hour (with my sisters help) and I do have a hair comb back there that was a gift for my birthday but that will have to be another post!


  1. What nice pictures, I really admire all the work you put into your family's clothes! Your Dad's trowsers are especially spiffy, I wish Mr. G had some like that, they make me think of Mr. Bell in North & South.

  2. They do look similiar to Mr. Bell's :) He really likes them.

    I really admire your work also, Paris! I just love looking at the things you make for your children and look forward to the day when I can do the same :)


  3. You all look great. I too really like your Dad's trousers. I love plaid trousers but alas, David is totally against the idea of me making him some. :( They look great. I love the last picture. It looks like such a fun event!

  4. Thanks, Sarah!

    I wasn't totally sure about him having these linen trousers either especially considering all the time that would go into them, but you would be surprise at what a great conversation starter they are! Actually, you might not be surprised....... But total strangers come up and talk to him and it really ends up being a great opportunity to tell about our group and to witness to others also.

    The last picture is my favorite too :) My feet really hurt by the end but it really was a fun time had by all :)

  5. I was standing at the top of one of the hills and I could see y'all getting lined up! The banner turned out nicely! I especially like that last picture of you Beth, it's a really pretty picture of you!