Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Surprise Quilt Project

Last April a very good friend of mine turned the ripe old age of 15 ;) and I thought that a quilt for the occasion would be just lovely. I think my sister, friend Hannah and I started planning in February and while we had the top finished by the birthday party in April, it took us most of the summer to quilt it. You know how schedules can be :D We finally finished it in September. Talk about a late birthday present!

In a nutshell it is a double irish chain using scraps. We did not use any sort of pattern when choosing the fabrics but just started cutting. It was more fun this way :D Those are 2 inch squares....... a whole lot of them!

As we were sewing the blocks together, we often had all three of our sewing machines going at once and it was rather loud.:D

I used the instructions on a website called Quiltville. Unfortunately, I can not link directly to the page because the site seems to be down right now. I will post more info when it is back up :) ETA: I used these instructions. It is the third quilt down on the page.

Me basting all the layers together. The back is a sheet :D


As Always,
Bethany Lynn


  1. It looks lovely! I wish I had the patience to sew quilts. :P I'll stick with sewing clothing personally. :D

    ~Gabrielle (AnneGirl on the S&S forum)

  2. How pretty, Bethany! I want to try my hand at sewing quilts someday. I have even saved enough scraps of fabric for one, or two quilts. ;)

  3. Gabrielle, That is so funny! I actually find that I barely have the patience for clothing! Quilts are so much easier and repetitive that it ends up being therepeautic :D

    Do try sewing one sometime Ashley! I know it would turn out so beautifully! :D I have so many scraps that I will never see the end of quilt making. Not sure if that is a bad or good thing :P This quilt did not even make a dent in our scraps. It doesn't even look like we used any at all!

    Thanks so much for commenting!

  4. CALEIGH! You totally just made my day by commenting on here......

    Thank you :)


  5. Amazing! I do not have the patience for a quilt. Looks like you did a wonderful job!

  6. Bethany has a blog!
    I am so excited!
    I miss the quilt =(