Monday, December 14, 2009

I have been tagged :)

When I first started blogging I promised myself that I would never do a meme but here I am! My sister tagged me after all, so I just had to do it for myself :D

So here we go:

1. Thank the person who gave the award.
2. Copy the award.
3. Post it on your blog.
4. Tell seven things about yourself that your readers don't know.
5. Link seven new bloggers as recipients.
6. Notify the bloggers with comments on their blogs.
7. Keep being awesome!

Thanks for tagging me, Becca :D

1. Well, I started sewing when I was around 8 years old but I did not seriously start sewing till I was 13 or 14. My mother does not sew and I never really took formal classes so I have taught myself a lot but I also converse a lot with friends who have learned the same way as I have so we learn a lot from each other also. I think my first major sewing project was colonial dresses for a play that my friends and I were putting on. I still have great memories of those times but the dresses were cut down and made into other things a long time ago :D

2. Rebecca and I's one year Civil War reenacting anniversary was back in October! Honestly, it seems like we have been doing this as a family for as long as I can remember but it has not been very long at all! I have grown so much in my sewing projects not to mention how many friends I have gained and how much I have leared spiritually and mentally through the entire experience. I think I can safely say that it is one of THE best things that has happened to me in my short life :D

3. I have been playing the harp for almost a year and a half now and am enjoying it immensely. I played the piano when I was in grade school so that helped me a lot in how to read music but now that I am older, I practice more so that has made a huge difference. I played for a dear friend's wedding this past weekend (I promise I will post pictures once I have permission) and I was even invited back by the care taker of the church to come and do a concert. That is way out of my comfort zone but I have a friend who might do it with me so I am excited about that :D

4. I am a senior in high school and seriously considering becoming a student midwife in the next year. We shall see where the Lord leads ;)

5. My personality type is melancholy (primary) and phlegmatic (secondary). If you don't know what that is you can always google it :) It is very interesting and I would love to know what you all's personality types are!

6. On a day like this when I don't have to be anywhere early in the morning I stay in my pajamas for most of the day! I have to be at my harp lesson by 2 so I better get going :)

7. I am having a Christmas party at my house on saturday for all of our reenacting friends and we are going ice skating! I am very excited about it as it will be a more relaxed time for all of us to be there but I am still trying to figure out food and if I should do party favors. To me you can't have a party without party favors! I love making them but I would have to make nearly 50 of them......I am thinking about doing those hanging cone/ cornucopia things. Do you all think that is a good idea? I wish I could invite everyone I know in the blogosphere but alas it is impossible! :) I promise to post pictures soon after!

I tag anyone who has not done this yet and actually reads my blog :D

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  1. lol I did not know even though I am your sister that we might do party favors or hang cornucopia's! That sounds good. I will have to think about the party favors though! Yes the Lord has lead us it seems in a totally different direction over this past year. I never would have imagined myself sewing! or reenacting! or getting all these new friends through reenacting and blogs. I never thought I would have a blog or that I would have a sister who played the harp either! God plans it all, and its just amazing! Love you sis and thanks for doing the meme!