Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Un-even 9 Patch Quilts

Hello all,

I have fallen off this blogging band wagon so fast! I guess I need to get into a routine of posting on here :) I am aiming for once a week but even that hasn't happened yet. Eventually, my friends, eventually!

Anyways, because I can't post about Christmas projects and other surprises, I am going through pictures from the past that I can show you all.

This is a friendship quilt that all the girls in our reenacting group helped put together for one of the ladies that helped found our group. I followed the instructions here but we added another row of blocks and sashing to make it more of a twin size than single. We used scraps from our dresses and other projects. We also signed all the white squares in the quilt with our names to make it more meaningful for the recipient.

Sewing the sashing and blocks together.

Pinning more of the sashing and blocks together.

Basting with Oscar's help :)

Quilting all the layers together at the quilting bee.


  1. I love the quilt, it looks very toasty warm. What a neat idea to use dress scraps!

  2. It is BEAUTIFUL! I have looked at this pattern before and wanted so much to make one for David, but all in plaids. Yours is gorgeous. I like the idea of adding an extra row of blocks and sashing as the original was rather narrow.

    I just finished 18 nine patch blocks today for Judah's quilt, hopefully to be finished by Christmas. It's not as pretty as yours but you've given me inspiration to get it done!

  3. I really want to do one all in plaids too! I think it would be oh so masculine and just perfect for a soldier :) Since these were for two young woman I figured some florals would be a good idea ;)

    I am sure it will be lovely Sarah! I really wasn't sure how they would turn out since the blocks were out of my hands until I put them together but choosing a cohesive sashing is really key, to me anyways :)

    Thanks, Paris! I keep everything! If it is at least 2"x2" I keep it! Of course, I do make a lot of quilts also :)

  4. Beth I tagged you in a meme over at my blog.

  5. What a beautiful quilt!!