Thursday, January 14, 2010

A New Day, A New Year

Hello Everyone!

That was a long vacation was it not? I did not intend to take that long of a break but things happen. We had a lovely Christmas over here and I need to post pictures of all those projects. After Christmas we went ice skating with our reenacting group. I think that deserves a post all to itself :) but to start, this is what I have been up to today. I enjoy spending time in my room on cold mornings like this. My windows face south and I can not help but bask in the sun!

With everything going on over the Christmas season, I had quite a few thank you cards to send out! I made over a dozen this morning. I couldn't help but do it in my room as the craft room was rather cold and it was oh so warm in my room....... The fact that simple words written on a piece of paper can last for so long and be so heartfelt always fascinates me :)

You can also see quite a few quilt blocks in that picture. I have been trying to make at least one a day so I can have the quilt finished before our next weekend long event in May.

Since I have yet to actually get some good pictures of me in this dress, this one of a bodice close up will have to do for now. I added the collar and buttons down the front over the break but the dress has been basically finished since October. Notice that I didn't even bother to iron it!

The fabric is from WalMart and I am afraid it looks kina like camo in this picture! You all will just have to trust me that it is a rather pretty print :) This is realy just a basic dress with coat sleeves, a gathered bodice and pleated skirt with a waistband. Again, I used Elizabeth Stewart Clark's Dressmaker's Guide book drafting the bodice with assistance and following the simple forumlas for the sleeves and skirt. It really is rather fun to turn a piece of flat fabric into something 3-D!

I hope you all had a lovely holiday!

Thinking about Haiti,
Bethany Lynn


  1. Beautiful gown Bethany.
    Thinking about Haiti as well, poor beleagured people!

  2. that quilt looks AWFULLY familiar! :wink: Reminds me of my bedroom. My windows also face somewhat south so I get the warm sun in the mornings on my bed too! btw, I love the way that dress looks on you! it fits very well!

  3. Thank you both! I just need to be able to execute the same fit in other dresses now. That is a major challenge for me :)

  4. I think I saw a picture of you wearing the dress on Becca's blog. Very pretty indeed. I love how the bow stands out so elegantly on the collar.

    Ah, your bed looks SO pleasant! You have always had such a beautiful room. I love the busy look.

    Thinking of you!

  5. Thank you, Hannah! I take most every opportunity to wear my brown bow :)

    I am actually thinking of re-painting it to be even more warm and cozy but I think that project will have to wait until the summer. On days like the one pictured, I am always motivated to get lots done but I prefer to stay comfy :)

    Thinking of you too!


  6. Lovely job on the dress! And what a beautiful and serene bedroom you have. :) Our windows face north and east so we don't get much light in them. . .sigh. . .it is always rather dismal and dreary. :)

    I have a hard time with fit too. I'm wearing one of my dresses today and think I finally h ave figured out what is wrong - the armscye is too high, I need to cut it lower and take up length in the shoulder seam to make the top bodice fit better. Sigh.

  7. Sarah, in the evenings and very early morning my bedroom is rather dismal also. I like to keep lots of lamps that cast warm shadows. It seems to help a lot!

    Well at least you figured out what you need to do! I made another cotton print dress after this one and finally got the back bodice to fit exactly the way I wanted to but then I realized that the back was smaller and I didn't take that into consideration when I made the front! Consequently, the front doesn't fit the way I want it to. .Sigh. I think I need to take it apart and just put it back together again :)


  8. AHH!! Beth...if you make another will go insane, and that cant happen! <3 So I'm here to say that UNTIL you out-grow all the dresses you have just cant =D jk! lol!! eat muffins, thats what you should do *wink* thats right, banana muffins, good for everything! Oh, and yes, brown bows on you look lovely ;) unlike someone around here *shuffle feet, avoids eye contact*

    Cant wait to see you next!!


  9. I love your bed, Bethany! That is my kind of room there! Just lovely with the sunshine pouring in.