Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rebecca's Paletote

A few readers have asked so here is a little bit on how I helped my sister come up with the pattern for this paletote.

Alrighty, the front is the Period Impressions women's paletote pattern. I think a lot of people nickname it Period Impression's Ugly Sack pattern instead though. I wondered about other people's results of this pattern for a long time and frankly, was very weary of using it! I did find that if one uses some good sense and makes a mock up out of muslin first BEFORE cutting into the good wool, one can make a lovely piece from it. I did have to cut down the pattern pieces quite a bit and I did add darts. It really is not hard but it can be quite fiddly and take time.

I can not remember if the back is from the Period Impressions pattern also or if it is the KayFig paletote pattern. I do not think it really matters that much because the backs are very similar and one must fit the back to yourself anyways and neither pattern will fit any one person perfectly. Just do as above and use cheap fabric to get it how you want and use the altered pieces as your pattern pieces.

The sleeves are my own pattern that i made up :D All you do is measure the arm hole of the paletote and then figure out the length you want the finished sleeve to be. Draw a rectangle with these two measurements and then widen the bottom part of the rectangle as much or as little as you like to get the pagoda affect. I think I might have curved the top part of the rectangle slightly to have it lay in the armscye slightly but this sleeve really is not complicated at all.

The collar (I am sorry it is not very visible in the above photo) is from the KayFig paletote pattern. All I did was take the basic collar and widen it quite a bit. Baste it in to make sure it lays correctly and then sew it. Easy as pie :) Oh, and press it a lot. That will make the seams look nicer.

Please let me know if this is not very clear or if I can answer any more questions.

Bethany Lynn


  1. Thank you for posting this! I was wondering...can this be made to wear with 'modern' clothes, or does it only work over a Civil War dress with hoop skirts?


  2. It is funny that you should ask that, Alyssa! Rebecca wears this coat quite a bit with modern clothes too! It does look a little different without lots of petticoats or a cage but it can be done!


  3. Okay, that is good to know! Thanks. :)


  4. Hey Alyssa!

    If you head over to my blog here-
    I have a picture of me wearing the paletote with a long modern skirt. So it does not look too weird I think, but I think it looks even better with an even fuller skirt.