Monday, February 1, 2010

A Traveling Dressing Case

Hello All,

I had been meaning to make one of these for quite some time and decided that it would be a lovely Christmas present for my sister. I was very much inspired by Anna Allen's version here called a Toilet Sachet and I had also seen a few variations that my friends had made. The Workwoman's Guide also has a description and diagram for a similar item and calls it a Traveling Dressing Case or Tidy. TWG is also available on Google Books :)

It really is a very simple project with one piece of linen in the finished shape you would like and then sewing the pockets on and finally binding the entire piece. That really is all there is to it. I had fun with the stripes on this one and sizing the pockets how I wanted. As you can see, she stores all of her belts and buckles in here not to mention her bows, hankies and fans. I knew she would have a use for it :D


  1. Just yesterday I saw the picture from Ms Allen's website, and wanted to make one! Yours is lovely; I especially like that the stripes are lined up :)

  2. WOW good job! That looks very handy!!