Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Corduroy pants

Well, these have been long coming. To be honest, I think they have been in my project basket for nearly a year! That is emberassing but it is true :) I used the Past Pattern's Men's Winter Trousers pattern for these and I really do think they turned out well. The reason it took me so long to make them was because I did not understand how to make the pockets so I kept putting it off! Thankfully, the last time I sat down to try and figure it out was when it clicked and I finishd them the next day with no stress involved! I think this is the first project I have ever made my dad that was not completed less then 24 hours before the event it was needed for! I think I had nearly two weeks to spare! Let's hope I can keep that pattern going :)

Anyways, the corduroy is from Joann's and I purchased the buttons at Abraham's Lady.



The only thing that I would change the next time I use this pattern is some of the finishing techniques on the inside. I was very surprised that so many of the seams and edges are left raw. I have used the Past Pattern's Summer Trousers pattern a couple of times and the inside is so neat and finished looking! I think I will incorporate the techniques from both patterns to get a better result in this style.

(For future reference, I cut out a size 36 and it was a little big but could be fixed with suspenders. They were too long also but I fixed that when I hemmed them.)

As Always,
Bethany Lynn


  1. 3 cheers and a tiger!! ;-) You really are an inspiration to us all who happen to have some skelton projects buried at the bottom of the basket. :-) Wow, some I can't even remember! Great going... by the way, thank you for the recipie for starching petticoats. I look forward to using it. Cheers!

  2. These look fantastic! Great job! I have the PP Light Summer Trouser pattern but didn't even know they had a winter trouser pattern too. David loves corderoy for his trousers, it holds up so well. Your dad must be really happy with these!!

  3. Great job!! I love the pants. I love cordoroy, so anything using it goes with me! ;) lol

    Looks like you have had fun starching too!!

    Love ya! Sarah

  4. These look great. I made one pair of reenacting pants in my life and I had a lot of problems with the pockets. :D They look fantastic. Great job.