Thursday, May 13, 2010

Scones for Mama.........

(Mixing up the dough in a very messy sort of way. That is classic me so I always wear an apron :D)

This is a little late but I just had to share how much fun I had last Sunday on Mother's Day. I had to get up earlier than usual to do it but it was worth it none the less!

I don't think I can share the recipe that I used here because of copyright laws but most any scone recipe will do. Our favorite happens to use have heavy whipping cream in it so look for a recipe with that secret ingredient :)

(Finished dough and checking to make sure it is right........)

(Scones ready for the oven!)

Now I think the way to actually form the scones for baking is up for much debate! It seems like every person I talk to has a different way of doing it! As long as it looks nice (presentation is important!) and is not made to thick as to not bake all the way through, most anything will work! I usually just divide the dough into several equal parts and just keep dividing to make them all the same size and then pat each piece into a round shape about 1/2" thick.

I do think that they turn out rather pretty that way :)

Now, having tasted Clotted Cream (also called Devonshire Cream) back in September, it just seems like the perfect thing to have on any scone. Butter and jam just do not seem to cut it anymore! So this being rather last minute, google saves again! You can google it to find all sorts of recipes but I ended up using this one because I had the whipping cream and cream cheese on hand. Some recipes call for some other more interesting ingredients so keep that in mind.
(We had a pink theme for the table complete with the strawberry banana smoothies and tea for the insistant! :D)


As Always,
Bethany Lynn


  1. The table looks really pretty and the scones look delicious. The strawberry banana smoothies look really good too. I hope your mother had a good Mother's Day.

  2. Wow, looks like fun! I love the table set up and those smoothies look really good!! Making me hungry.. better go eat! lol

    Love ya,