Monday, May 3, 2010

Update post.........

Well, once again I am taking forever to get pictures of my finished wool dress to you all! I still don't have close ups or anything but this one picture will have to do :) If you want more detailed pictures of the bodice you can look at my previous post. Other than that, I added a batiste collar with heirloom cotton lace from Martha Pullen and a velvet bow. The skirt has knife pleats, blue hem tape, and a plaid kick plate. It was all I had on hand and it does the job :) The whole thing closes with a dog leg placket.

The first time I wore it was a few weeks ago. The weather could not be more perfect and I had a lovely time (and lovely company!) as my flying geese quilt was quilted.

You can kind of see my sewing kit (housewife) and thread and such in this picture.

As Always,

Bethany Lynn


  1. Your dress is beautiful. The quilt is stunning, I have never been able to quilt.

  2. Do you quilt without a frame? Any tips? I've tried it a couple times, but it went horribly for me!

  3. Beautiful work. I am selling a bunch of patterns on etsy if you are interested.