Saturday, June 26, 2010

Linen and Flowers

Our neighbors are such generous and sweet people. We are blessed to have them especially when they have gorgeous backyard gardens and are so kind as to bring us part of the bounty.

She brought us a rather large bouquet of different sorts of flowers just in her hands. We had enough for a vase of them on the kitchen table but where to put the rest? In the craft room of course! Makes everything so much more cheery and I think they rather like how they look up against the blue walls!

On the sewing front, this is my latest finished project that I actually have pictures of. I will get getting more pictures of other projects soon so stay tuned! Anyways, this vest was my dad's Father's Day gift in time for our July 4th event. It is made of linen and cotton and only lined in the front so that it is nice and light for very warm weather. I drafted the pattern myself using DeVere's manual from 1866. If you are interested in doing that sort of thing, I recommend purchasing a copy on disc from here.

Just to show the back and part of the inside front. I did stitch a lot of this one by hand and I am also making a matching pair of trousers. I hope to have those finished by tomorrow.

And a sneak preview of what I have been working on rather steadily over the past few days. It is nearly finished but I hope to put up pictures of it on the recipient instead of on the dressform.

As Always,
Bethany Lynn

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  1. It looks great! I can't draft patterns myself. How did you learn?