Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vogue 1044

Vogue 1044 (aka graduation dress numbero uno) is the new excitement around here. I finished up the slip to go under it just a few hours ago and Becca kindly posed for some pictures.

I used the pattern without any alteration except to shorten the waist some and make some adjustments for more narrow shoulders. I also serged most of the inner seams. I really like how professional it looks with that detail! Also, the pattern does not recommend using a sheer fabric but adding a custom slip solved the problems that go with that sort of thing.

Over all, this dress was fun to make. I would not recommend it for beginners but then again the hardest thing about it was just attaching the skirt to the bodice! It is hard to tell in the pictures but there is actually gathers on top of pleats in the skirt. I had never seen such a thing so I had a bit of a learning curve!

For the slip, I used a camisole pattern from one of Martha Pullen's books and added two panels of fabric for the skirt. Ribbon for straps and a good 4" hem plus a few hours and where is my EASY button?!

As Always,
Bethany Lynn


  1. So pretty! I love that pattern and the fabric you chose makes it look so sweet and feminine!

  2. Bethany Lynn,

    This dress is very lovely! I especially like the slip. Well done!



  3. Oooo! I LOVE it, Bethany!!!! So pretty. :) You did a fantastic job!

    In Christ,

  4. This is very pretty! It looks so professional.

  5. Oh! that is so sweet and pretty... I really like the details on that pattern. I very much agree, I love how serging looks inside a dress.. :) I like it almost as well as french seams...almost.

    The simple slip was a great idea, I like how it looks so vintage and romantic. Lovely work.

  6. Did you order the fabric from I have some in pink, from there, that I was just looking at tonight, dreaming of what I could make from it. Beautiful! I really enjoyed seeing your dress.

  7. YES! It is from! I bought it while it was on sale. I was going to link to it but they didn't have anymore in stock last time I checked :) Have fun making your fabric into something!