Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Apricot Jam

Life sure does get busy when the harvest is coming in! We are not able to have fruit trees on our property right now so the farmers around here have become good friends :) I was visiting my Grandparents while my mom did a half bushel worth of jam and when we got home, we helped her out on the second half. It really does go fast when you have lots of hands to help!

A friend gave us a recipe that does not add artificial pectin but takes advantage of the pectin that is already in the fruit. Next year we hope to experiment and make a jam that does not have any sugar. We are always trying to make things more healthy ;)

As Always,
Bethany Lynn


  1. Oh my...the apricots look beautiful, so juicy and delicious!

    Jam without sugar is absolutely delicious :)

    May Our Lord bless you & keep you,


  2. I can say from trying this jam out that it is as delicious as it looks! Thanks again for the jar! ~Ivis

  3. Yum! It looks delicious! Beautiful pictures - I'd love to taste it too : )