Thursday, July 22, 2010


I listened to Narnia on CD, I chatted with friends, listened to music galore and my family kept me company. I think that is what made me finish this dress. I clocked it and it took me about 12 hours. It seemed like a long time...... over 8 hours is hand sewing. That can get rather boring ;) But no matter! It is finished and it does need a collar. These are not the best pictures but they will do for now.

Oh, and those tucks in the skirt? They were a huge mistake. See...... I had the skirt finished and the bodice finished and I needed to still cut out the waistband. So I cut it out..... of the SKIRT! I thought it was scrap and really did panic when I realized. Now my skirt was too short. I ended up inserting a panel in the middle of the skirt and putting tucks in to cover up the seams. PHEW!

Till next time!

As Always,
Bethany Lynn


  1. I do a lot of improvising when I sew too! :)
    Super! The fit looks really nice! Love the blue bow and belt. Where did you get the buckle?

  2. I paid way to much at a reenactment for that buckle :D I love it though and am glad I did!

  3. one will notice it. It looks just lovely on you :)

    It is usually at the end of the project that I begin to get inspired to change it...sometimes it is a good idea, but other times - not so good :(

    But I am glad that you are done with the dress...does it need a collar - yes, it looks as if something is missing.

    Thank you for sharing :)

  4. I LOOOVE it!!! So pretty. You did an excellent job, especially in 12 hours! ;)


  5. It looks great. You look absolutely beautiful in it.

  6. it looks absolutely lovely!

  7. Wow, how do you sew so fast? I'm just slightly jealous. ;-)

  8. What a beautiful dress. Love the last picture - it looks so old-fashioned :)