Monday, July 12, 2010


I have a thing for lavender. I have for as long as I can remember but up until now I had not had the experience of growing and harvesting it myself. You don't really know lavender until you have! It smells so much better and you come to appreciate it so much more if you put all the time and effort into growing it yourself.

I honestly can not remember when I planted this plant though! I do not know if it was one year ago or three but I really thought it had died! I was so surprised when I was weeding just a few months ago and found this thriving plant! I really have to wonder if the neglect actually made it grow and my over watering from years past actually made it decline for a while!

Anyways, it is back now and I have just harvested it this past week. I really did not get very much from the plant but I think it is a good start. I hope more will come next year and if I am on top of things, I might harvest more than once. Because there was so little, I did not want to just dry it all and make it into sachets. I think I could only make one sachet if I did it that way!

I remembered that years ago we had aquired a lavender wand. I want to say it is from Germany but I really cannot remember. I did know that I wanted to make some for myself though! I simple google search turned up all sorts of helpful things and these ensued.

If you want to try your hand at growing lavender, my only tip is to check out a good herb book yourself and read as much as you can find on the plant. I learned that I had a dwarf variety but that there really are all sorts and the best times for harvesting too.

As Always,
Bethany Lynn


  1. It looks lovely, I am a mint-killer myself. I have finally gotten a plant that is still alive. The weaving looks very pretty.

  2. Dear Bethany Lynn,

    I am right there with you - I also have a thing for lavender :-)

    In fact, I grow lavender pretty much anywhere that I have space...It does wonderfully when you do not over-water it . You can also cook with lavender, make tea with the buds, use the oil for medicinal purposes...the list goes on and on. It is really a terrific herb!

    Also, my recommendation in regards to starting yoga, is to go to your local library and see if you can take out a yoga dvd. Start out SLOW. Do not try to do it all in one day or you will not be able to walk for several days. :(

    It is a terrific form of exercising. It will help you stay clear minded for all the things Our Lord has planned for your life.

    Blessings dear one,

  3. Oh Bethany, I long for some lavender! How I wish I could help you harvest yours! It's been my favorite flower/scent/color since I was probably 6 years old.


  4. How fun....I'm inspired. I think I'd like to grow some too.

  5. I love lavender - these sachet wands are so pretty and useful! I'll have to try making them sometime : )