Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Edwardian Apron

Isn't it nice when you can take a break in between the normal projects and make something for a friend? Even more so when it is for a special occasion like a birthday? Well, I had the privilege of that this week. I did not really plan on making it but I seem to like projects that are unplanned the most lately. T

This is an Edwardian apron modeled by my sister (although not the recipient!) and made with the Sense and Sensibility pattern. Believe it or not but this apron was pretty much free too. The fabric is a rather heavy upholstery fabric and was given to me a long time ago. It was from my third grade teacher when she was moving. Textiles really do have stories don't they? I made the binding using a canvas curtain because that is the only thing I had that would match! Hopefully, it will hold up well with the heavier fabrics used.

I really love this pattern because I can use one size and have it fit most anyone. I usually cut out the largest size (I think that would be a 16-18)and because of the ties/straps, anyone can fit into it provided that it is not too long. My sister, mom and I run the gamut on all sizes and the recipient is expecting. In theory, it fits the mother to be also but i will let you know how that goes too :)

Every time I make it, I always shorten it about 6 inches and it is still the perfect length for my 5'6" friend. I also took the idea for the ties/straps from the Girls Edwardian Apron pattern. As the pattern is, the straps always fall off your shoulders so I added these tabs in the back, made the straps and ties all one piece, cross them over and then it stays much better! If you ever try the pattern, try this change. You will like it :)

Picking out a coordinating ribbon proved the easiest part.

As Always,
Bethany Lynn

P.S.: I apologize for the funny layout on this post. i am still learning all this html stuff!


  1. That's such a darling apron! I love everything about it: the color and print, the pattern and fit - it's simple and lovely : )

  2. It's so pretty and looks very functional. The print is pretty too.

  3. Last summer, I made several aprons copied from photos of this pattern. Love the crossover straps on mine.

  4. Bethany Lynn,

    That is a lovely and quite functional apron. The color of the fabric is just so pretty!

    What a really great gift :)


  5. What a beautiful gift and reminder of two lovely friends! It's very pretty and pleases both the happy recipient and her husband! :-) ~Ivis

  6. BL,
    Such a pretty and functional apron, I love this pattern also. I have (amongst others)three Edwardian aprons all of which are different. My first is as per the pattern with straight shoulder straps, but they tend to fall loose sometimes. The second one has cross straps similar to yours but sewen to the waist band with gererous waist ties. The third is "exactly" the same as your apron ,made with the extra long shoulder straps which also serve as the waist ties. On this apron I also added a frill on the bodice and ties, and a ruffle on the hem. I ususlly keep this apron for serving at formal functions (Church). The others I wear all the time for housework and also Sunday School Assist.
    P.s I also like your "Vintagy Apron" post.

    Bless you,

  7. I know I'm a little late commenting on this post...but I just wanted to thank you for mentioning the shoulder strap alteration. I have two aprons made from this pattern (both made about 6 or 7 years ago!), and I had the same issue with the shoulder straps always falling off. I came up with my own solution to this problem, but it didn't look as nice as yours! I'll have to try this idea next time!