Sunday, August 29, 2010


Another pair of stays but this time with Periwinkle linen! They are really the same as the green pair but different in many aspects too. Same pattern but this is a larger size that I also had to lengthen. I also did it entirely by machine (deadlines are looming!) except for the binding. I had to put that on mostly by hand because of the way it intersects and wraps around places with boning.
The view from my new work space! ;)

front back

tabs galore!

I also ventured into the cable ties arena. I never thought I would do that but I like how sturdy they are and easy to find (Hello, Home Depot!) and how cheap!

Shoulder strap with grommets for holes and ribbon to close (yes, I need to replace that with a ribbon that is not poly!)

I started out with a 20 yard role of linen from and it has turned into 2 regency petticoats, 2 pairs of transitional stays and 3 pairs of stays of this style. There is a gown and a shirt in the works with the 7 yards left. I did not make the petticoats or the transitional stays but just assisted :) I mention it because quite a bit of it was dyed another color with different Rit Dyes. It was cheaper to buy that much at once in white instead of getting a few yards of this and that and paying shipping several times. Who can decide on several projects all at once?! I will go into some more detail on how exactly that went with pictures in another post.

As Always,
Bethany Lynn


  1. Bethany, how lovely. You're just killing me with all these neat-o projects lately. :-)

    Mrs. G

  2. Oh Bethany Lynn...this is such a gorgeous color!

    I can not wait to see it complete with the whole outfit :)

    I agree that it is cheaper to die than to purchase piece meal.

    Thanks for sharing,


  3. They look great!

    Cable ties? Fantastic! I'll have to go that route! :-D

  4. You and your sister have some awesome blogs here, dear! I enjoy seeing what you all have to sew and whatnot! I love the stays! Just a beautiful color!! Did you dye it, and if so, what with?
    Good Day!
    - Samantha Jane