Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blue Bonnet Blue Jacket

So this is the latest *finished* project on my list. I have been working on several others over the past week but they are sadly in progress right now and not finished yet.

Another JP Ryan pattern was used. This time the ladies jacket in Blue Bonnet from fabric-store.com The pattern was so easy to follow, quite clear and easy to fit. I have collaborated to use this one pattern for three different women, all different shapes but the same general size and they all turned out well. I think that says that you definitely get what you pay for with this pattern company! They are a bit expensive but worth it!

The only thing that was a bit confusing to me was the picture on the front of the pattern. The two different sleeve options are not obvious in the picture. Between the three jackets, we used both options and all of the cuff options so we figured it out. It would be harder if someone was only making one jacket. Remember to make a mock up so you like your finished jacket the first time!

This pattern is made to be worn over stays and I would not recommend trying to fudge that unless you want to modify the front of the pattern. That would take some fiddling but it can be done.

This Jacket is View A and is closed with straight pins.

As Always,
Bethany Lynn


  1. Wow.... you do beautiful work!
    Isn't sewing ever so lovely?!

    Blessings~ Miss Jen

  2. Beautiful Beth! I love the color and Mrs. L will love it!

  3. That is so lovely. Personally I think it would be great if it could be modified to wear without stays, as it would be a lovely piece to put a modern twist to and wear for an everyday jacket. (I would definitely be crazy enough to try that!) Great work!

  4. Beth,

    What a lovely shade of blue! The jacket can definitely be tweaked a bit to use today over "modern" clothes.

    Great job!