Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A few more steps in the right direction......

We are well on our way to being ready for the event on he 20th! If you would have asked me last week, I would have said that there was no way we would be ready in time! I am happy to say that my outfit is finished for now and I can just tie loose ends for the rest of the week :)

First up is this pocket that I made with some random chintz scraps that we had laying around, some white linen and some twill tape. That brown linen that was used for the bias binding is left over from my mom's stays. The idea for a patchwork pocket came from an original in the Williamsburg collection that I saw there.

Brown striped petticoat (linen from Joanns!) with twill tape ties for closure. I found Katherine's page on making petticoats to be helpful. Just ignore the bit about making it to wear over pocket hips and you have a simple petticoat that is one length all the way around. That is what I did and it really is quite simple. Everything that shows is hand sewn. I did take short cuts on everything else :)

Now, I don't have any amazing pictures of my dress but you can at least see the idea from these. I plan on getting a picture at the event on the 20th with me wearing everything. I used the JP Ryan pattern and Tawny Port linen. The lining is a linen Eddie Bauer shirt that I found for 50 cents at a thrift store! Best buy in a long while! Anyways, the pattern went together beautifully and I can't really recommend JP Ryan patterns enough. The instructions were so easy to follow and even though I did the more complicated en fourreau option, a patient beginner could make this gown!

The pleats in the back were a big fiddly (you can see the top stitched line in the first picture) but really quite simple in the scheme of things. I would say that the hardest part is setting the sleeves in. I think my sleeves were in every possible position before I got it right! Once you figure out how they go in, you have to figure out where to put the little pleats. I tried towards the back of the armscye but it looks very distorted so I ended up going with more over the arm. I really thought that would be wrong but it ended up looking the best on me. Just experiment and baste your stitches in and don't give up!

I've made myself a neckerchief out of some light weight off white linen also. I probably ought to make a cap but I do not forsee myself getting to that very soon. My dad's things are basically finished and all I need to do is make some more pockets and maybe a surprise gift or two. Off I go!

As Always,
Bethany Lynn


  1. Beautiful Beth! I love the pocket, gown, stays, and petticoat! Its so inspiring to see you sew and I can't wait to be dressed and ready Monday for our first event. Great job again and what beautiful items. Well done!


  2. Looks great! can't wait to see pictures complete!

  3. Very nicely done! I wondered if those chintz scraps would be made into a pocket. Very pretty! So, I'm glad to hear that you've come over the mountain. Hopefully that means it's all down hill from here, right? :-) See you soon and THANK YOU so much for all that is being accomplished in work and friendship. ~Ivis

  4. Lovely! I'm looking forward to seeing the complete outfits!!!

  5. I hate sleeves more than I hate any part of garment sewing. Doll clothes or people clothes. I am glad to hear that they gave you a hard time too. On the mock-up I first sewed the sleeves upside down, then I sewed two left sleeves, then I sewed the sleeves in facing the wrong way. That's what mock-ups are for, right? A beginner's butcher block.

    I saw what you did with the blue gown and put tucks in the back of mine too, but I didn't like that. The pattern seems like it should fit so beautifully without any gathers or funky "easing" so I did the unthinkable and just made the sleeve seam farther in so it would fit the arm hole exactly. After fussing with the lining until I got it right, my first linen sleeve was a charm, and the second one was exquisite. Happiness!


  6. Dear Bethany,

    Everything looks great! The workmanship is outstanding as always :)

    I have read about these pockets and I would like to the ladies wear them behind their aprons? I don't think they are I right?

    Have a wonderful time on the 20th!