Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quick and Easy!

Quick and easy! This is just my speed.

My dad came home one day from work and said that he would like to give a house warming gift to someone he knows at work. He said that he knew her appliances were black and that her favorite color was blue but that she had a rather eclectic sort of style. She liked to cook but not too much and did not have very much kitchen-y type stuff.

My mom picked up some cooking utensils from Wal-Mart and we all decided she could use one of these considering ours is absolutely packed and used every single day.

But what to put with that? We thought that placemats and napkins were just perfect. The fabric was waiting for a project like this and about 4 hours later, these were finished.

This week I also made 5 pairs of mitts for colonial living history and an edwardian apron. I have some pictures to post about my dad's hunting frock and am cooking up some pretty maternity dresses with a friend! So much to do, so little time. Tomorrow is the last living history event of the season so more will be coming next week!

As Always,

Bethany Lynn


  1. Bethany Lynn,

    These are wonderful! I am sure that she will enjoy them tremendously :)


  2. How insane! 5 pairs of mitts? :D You're amazing!

  3. Those are adorable, and I'm sure they'll be very much appreciated!

  4. Oh, Bethany! The fabric you used in the place mats makes me long to visit your cozy home! Blessings on your business!


  5. Bethany, i love the fabric :) it looks so cozy ;). but you didnt show how to make a butterfly with those napkins! lol!
    love, Banana