Saturday, October 9, 2010

That dress.......

I promised some pictures of my finished colonial outfit. I suppose I promise pictures of a lot of things. The problem is that when it is finally all finished, I move onto something else and I never remember to take pictures when I am actually wearing any of this stuff. Much to busy you know ;)

So, these aren't my pictures but they give you an idea of the day and where I wore it and kinda how it looked. If you are interested in more information concerning the pattern I used and things of that sort, look at my first post that I linked to above. Enjoy!

That would be almond oil for soap balls..........

I am not too fond of the way the pleats are in the sleeve but I am not too fond of the idea of taking them out and putting them back in either.... choices choices.

Doesn't that young lady to my right in the picture look fabulous? I think so!

As Always,
Bethany Lynn


  1. You looked beautiful! I know what you mean about taking pleats out...not my favorite thing to do :)



  2. It's so pretty, you did a really great job!