Thursday, November 18, 2010

Changing Seasons ~Take 1

I finished this dress for my mom last week in time for her to wear to church on Sunday. It is fashioned out of a simple cotton using Baker Lane's Changing Seasons pattern. I really love this pattern because it has several neckline variations and collar options. The skirt is a basic gore design but by following the suggestions, there seem to be unlimited options! I lengthened the short sleeve to a 3/4 length sleeve and was very happy to find that it was so simple. It comes with 4 sleeve options and lengthening the sleeve like I did makes 5! The instructions were very clear and the pattern is printed on nice white paper, not tissue that rips easily! It might seem rather expensive, but you do get what you pay for! I even found the instructions to be inspiring with the pictures and quotes dispersed through out.

Looking at their yardage charts, the dress seems to take a lot of fabric but as the women in my family are rather short, and this was not a directional print, I only used 3 1/2 yards.

I covered the buttons myself and I didn't have to fiddle with a zipper! I did take the time to serge the raw edges but I think this dress only took me about 6 hours and less than $10!

A friend of mine is about 6 months along and we worked on making a dress using this pattern last weekend. It was just as pretty and flattering on her also and I can't way to show you all pictures!

Until Then,

Bethany Lynn

P.S.: Some of you all asked where to get a pattern for the house dress I made for my mom a while back. This would be a great pattern to use and the instructions include information on making this dress so it will slip over the head like that other dress.


  1. Beautiful! I love the collar. Your mother looks very pleased!

  2. You are all such beautiful ladies :)

    This is a great pattern...and how wonderful that you are still able to wear short sleeves.

    Wonderful work as always...


  3. That came out so nice! The fit is so flattering : )

  4. Hello there! So glad to read your favorable review of our pattern! I love your mum's new dress. I've enjoyed seeing all your sewing projects and wish you well in your creative endeavors.

    Rebecca Newton

  5. What a really lovely dress! For some reason I suppose I have never "followed" on blogger dashboard so am always suprised to see so many new posts when I visit! You are so majorly inspirational! Do you know how amazing you are?! :)

    Is your mother expecting? Or is this just one of those wonderful versatile patterns that can work equally well for expectant and non expectant ladies? She looks simply beautiful!

  6. Sarah, my mother is not expecting but as you said, it is one of those versatile patterns. I used the gored flat front skirt pieces for my mom since she does not need to accommodate a growing belly but the pattern include many options for the expectant mother as well. I made up this pattern with a pleated skirt in red chambray. You can see that post with pictures under the maternity section on the side bar.