Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Day Late and A Dollar Short

As I was going through the UFO bin the other day, I found this unfinished table runner. As I saw it, I remembered to last year when I was working on it. I did not get it done last year in time for Thanksgiving and this year I pulled it out the night before Thanksgiving! Just goes to show that out of sight is truly out of mind because I completely forgot about it until I saw it again nearly a year later!

I really thought I would finish it but cooking Thanksgiving dinner always takes more time that one would expect....... SO I finished it before I went to bed on Thanksgiving-- definitely not in time for Thanksgiving dinner! I think it might be officially winter now so it is back in the cabinet. But it was used last Sunday for lunch and now all of the Christmas decor is out...... at least I know it will be finished for next year's Thanksgiving!

Oh and just to keep it real, that border is some sort of polyester blend and the batting is poly fleece! I did hand quilt it and I do prefer working with all natural materials, but this works too. Don't be scared to break rules when it will work for you! Easy patterns and designs are good too. Since this was so stress free, I would love to make another table runner with a more complicated design some time. Those are the best kinds of projects :)

As Always,
Bethany Lynn


  1. Even if it wasn't used for Thanksgiving...it was finished :)

    It is truly lovely and now you will definitely use it next year!

    In His Love,


  2. I make clothes, too! Your work is beautiful!
    Kristina J.