Friday, December 10, 2010

Another Apron......

This time for my neighbor and shortened to be more 1950's esque than Edwardian! She suggested shortening it just for her ease of movement and I really like how it turned out! In case you have not seen previous posts, I did use Sense and Sensibility's Edwardian Apron pattern, again! Everyone just seems to like it and it sure is easy to make for lots of different sizes and body types.

I do apologize for not having any pictures on an actual person. It is getting quite cold around here an apron over a coat just does not look right ;) It even started snowing while I was taking these pictures! Can you see the little flecks on the table?

I did do the adjustable shoulder straps that cross over on this one. Besides shortening, that is the only change I made to the pattern. More info here on that adjustment.
As Always,
Bethany Lynn


  1. Oh Bethany Lynn,

    What a pretty color and the style is just perfect for an apron.

    I don't like the ones that tie behind the neck. They pull too much - ouch!

    Be blessed!


  2. You've won my giveaway! You can e-mail your address to me through my profile. Hope you're having a lovely holiday : )