Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Bias Skirt

I kinda disappeared on here around Christmas but I do assure you that I had a lovely Christmas and I was quite busy in between all the festivities. I do hope also that everyone had a lovely Christmas. For those that did update their blogs and shared a little bit about what they were up to and their family traditions, I really enjoyed it. Thanks so much!

My moms Christmas present was something that I think I had been promising since LAST Thanksgiving. I guess it puts it in the same category as that table runner but..... I did get it done in time for my mom to wear on Christmas Day. The fabric was found on clearance (LOVE that) and is just the perfect weight for winter wear. I do not really know what the fabric is but lets just say it is poly suiting to be on the safe side ;)

As for the pattern, I did not have one her size in my stash. You would think I would considering how many hundreds of patterns I have (ahem) but alas I did not. I was in a pinch too cause I think it was three days before Christmas when I started on it. I was not going to go out in the cold and drive all the way to Joanns to get one in her size either. So, I googled it. Do you know how nice google is? It is really nice. I came up with this link and said hallelujah. Just what I was looking for.

Now, in complete BethanyLynn style I drafted the skirt just perfectly with the WRONG measurements. Why do I do that? Lets just say I had a practice run before the real thing. That works. In the end, it probably only took me about 30 minutes to draft once I had the right measurements ;) And you know what, it was super easy. I would do some things different next time but I think over all it was worth taking the time with the nice fit and end result.

The sewing was straight forward. I officially love lapped zippers. They are easier to put in than invisible zippers and way cheaper to buy. I used the serger we have to finish the seams and I love it too. That hem tape stuff that who knows who gave me is a winner too. I used it on that other skirt and I used it again on this one. I'm glad its a big roll cause I think I will be using it a lot.

As Always,
Bethany Lynn


  1. Bethany, your mom looks lovely in her new skirt.

    I really like the lapped zippers also...I use them in all my skirts :)

    Google is a great gift!


  2. I have not yet mastered lapped skirts. I put invisible zippers in all of mine. I need to get out my sewing instruction books and just insert a few lapped zippers as practice.

    The skirt you made is very nice!! It looks decidedly Christmas-y and I am certain your mother was delighted with it.

    I had to smile at the mention you made of a few unfinished projects. *sigh* I have a few of those myself that are quietly rebuking me from the drawer where they are tucked neatly away. I really must make it a point to pull those out and finish them!

    Have a joyful and blessed new year!