Wednesday, January 19, 2011


In a few words, our work space needed some work so we worked on it right after New Years to make it more functional. With Becca sewing more, she needed space for her machine to be set up all the time and yet I still wanted room to cut things out on the table. We certainly could not have both all the time with the way it was not to mention the stuff that was absolutely *everywhere*.

If you had asked me, I would have said there was absolutely no way we could fit a 6 foot table in there..... but we did and it is great! With the 6 foot table at the same height as the white table that was already in there, we have 9 feet of cutting space. That means we can cut out anything that is up to three yards long! That might not be exciting to most people but most garments are under three yards and every time we wanted to cut something out, we either had to clear off the table or cut things out on the floor in the living room. Of course then we would have to vacuum too with the threads that go everywhere with that. Anyways, it is nice. I love it.

Before I forget, those two posters on either side of the tables, on the wall, are from England. They are supposed to be wrapping paper but they are way to pretty for that! I bought them at Harrod's Fortnum and Mason's and 16 year old me rolled them up and carried them on the plane all the way back here. What was I thinking?! No need to answer that. I sure do like them though :) Fashion plates certainly do fit in. You have to give me that.

I think having the skirt around the table was my mom's idea. It is attached with velcro and just great! We can store all kinds of things under there and not have stuff out in the open. That was a big problem previously. Oh, and those are bed sheets! I pulled them out of a HUGE pile at an opp shop and I think I paid 50 cents........ I love it when that happens.

That shelf thing on the left in the picture stores all of the UFOs (unfinished objects). Believe it or not, but I actually got rid of some that I knew I was just not going to finish. Someday I will get to them. Or maybe Becca will feel like finishing them sometime ;)

It's nice to see fabrics all lined up in a row. It's cheery. It also makes one remember how much fabric one has and one is reminded to not buy anymore. I have a New Years resolution going here.

For the record, I did not make that uniform! But I do have the opportunity to mend it. :yawn:

Becca made me that sewing machine cover for Christmas! I really like it. She also had the picture of Betsy Ross sewing the flag so we added that too. She's certainly an inspirational person to have in a sewing room. :)

There is Robin (the dressform) in the corner. She's nice company to have around. Real chatty.

And this is my mom's scrapbooking corner. Lots of lovely things come out of that space :)

As Always,
Bethany Lynn


  1. I am now officially envious of your cutting table! XD Especially the curtain around it--so pretty! I love pretty and practical things that are cheap. Your whole sewing room looks so nice--I bet it's a joy to go in there and be creative!


  2. I just love, love your sewing room!! One day I hope to have one too. For now I use boxes for storage and floor and bed space for work space, it's not ideal, but it works. :-)

  3. Beautiful!!! Love the light and openness of the room : )

  4. This is such a beautiful room x

  5. It looks really great. I have to cut out on the floor. I love that you have a place to work and you won't have people moving your things or cutting metal with your sewing scissors (my sister did that once and now she sews and is very protective of my scissors once she realized what a pain dull scissors are.) :D

  6. I really love the arrangement of your sewing room and it has given me a solution for the design of my own sewing space. Currently, my sewing room and my bedroom are in the same room--not ideal but it's the best I can manage for now. I hope to have a separate sewing space in the future and have been trying to figure out how to create a functional work area for cutting, as well as space to leave the sewing machine, serger and embroidery machine set up full time. Your idea is ideal--I particularly like the fact that you can access your cutting table from both sides. That makes marking and thread-tracing so much easier!

    I use curtains attached with decorative tacks to conceal the under-table storage. I agree with you--it provides a place for much-needed storage while still keeping the space looking neat.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful sewing space. I am always inspired by the solutions people share for their creative areas!

  7. By the way, your dress form Robin has a twin named Rosamunde who resides in my sewing room! :)

  8. What a beautiful, airy sewing room!

    I love the new blog header!!!

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I remember you buying the posters at Fortnum and Mason's. Not that it matters, but those posters and your face from eating that ice cream are forever imprinted in my memory! lol :-)

  9. I'd have rolled the wrapping paper up, too. :-) I like the rearrangement very much! Practically pretty!! More sewing madness to be done this year. ;-) ~Ivis

  10. Oooh! You are right Ana, it doesn't matter that much, you are right, but thank you! I would written the wrong thing in my scrapbook too! That would have been annoying. Thanks again!

  11. Wow! So fabulous! I use to live in a rented two bedroom cottage which allowed me to have a 'studio'. Now I am in an owned 1 bedroom condo. So, after 3 years I have come to grips with the fact that my living room and dining room is my studio and guests will have to just understand. Have fun with the redone space.