Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Regency Petticoat

This petticoat project began a few months ago for a friend getting into War of 1812 Living history. We had already made the stays (pictures forth coming) so this was the next item for her wardrobe. I followed the instructions from Jennie Chancey of Sense and Sensibility patterns here using her Original Regency Dress pattern. The above pictured original petticoat was great inspiration. It is from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and more information can be found here.
I highly recommend S&S patterns as I find they look great almost always right out of the envelope. I made this petticoat with no fittings and it fit the recipient perfectly.
It is just 100% cotton muslin for a utilitarian garment with china buttons. Since it will be worn with stays, boning was not necessary.
Side button closure so it can be put on and off without assistance.

Bethany Lynn


  1. Hi Bethany Lynn,
    This posting couldn't have come at a better time, for I am working on my first Chemise for an 1812 Ball outfit.... and I aready realise that I know nothing!! Hee hee.
    Last Sat I attended a workshop, and we will be using the "Sence and Sensiblity Patterns" for our gowns and Spencer.(I am so thankful for their website and tips. It is a great company.
    Warm Blessings Linnie

  2. I like your side button entry. Very nice!

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  5. Side closure. You're a genius! I was wondering how to make one I could get in and out of on my own.