Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another housedress......

For Resurrection Day, another housedress for my mom. Made just like this one but in a different fabric and color of piping. As you can see, I *am* starting to work through that pile of fabric. It just takes some time ;-) I have made up one another but just need to take pictures.

The fabric is a simple quilters cotton that was probably $2.50 per yard from Wal Mart and took about 3 yards. I made the piping myself using some thick yarn and a bed skirt from the scrap bin was the perfect shade of pink. I hardly ever throw any fabric away! The buttons were in the button box and I recall buying a gallon bag of white buttons for $5 a few years ago. Consequently, those buttons were just pennies. The total cost of this dress was less than $10!
If you are thinking about sewing garments with cottons, there are a few things that really helped me out. They are certainly one of the easiest fabrics to sew with but many do not like sewing garments from cotton because of the wrinkle factor. My Grammie taught me by example that taking these dresses out of the washer promptly is important. She then taught me to hang them on the line while wet and shake out the wrinkles. It takes out most of them and the wind does the rest. Sewing thicker hems (1.5"-3") is a really good idea also. Once smoothed out on the line, they will not turn up but hang very nicely and behave well.
Bethany Lynn


  1. Your mom looks lovely in her new dress. I really like the sleeves and the bodice.

    You have done a beautiful job Bethany!


  2. Oh, I'm happy to get that bigger hem tip.

    I knew that on some level but not enough until I read what you wrote.

    Thanks for that!

    Good looking dress!

  3. Thank you for the tip about the hems! I know how to hang laundry, but this issue hadn't ocurred to me (phew!) - it certainly must help!
    It's a nice dress - I like the sleeves, too. And the fabric is pretty.