Friday, June 24, 2011

Battleshirts 1-2-3......

Pattern used: Past Patterns #007

Modifications: Honestly, all I did was simplify like crazy when I was cutting out the pieces and after that, I did not follow the directions. I made three of these for the 150th Mannassas and needed to get them down quickly and efficiently without very much hand sewing. The directions say to do almost all of them by hand. I did everything by machine except for the buttons, buttonholes, and some whip stitching on the collar and cuffs. The trim is put on by hand.

Obviously, I did a plain placket front shirt. I placed the front piece on the fold, moved it away about 2 inches to allow for hemming the placket and ignored the "cut here" line where the pleated bib would normally be inserted.

In the end, I used the front, back, collar, cuff, sleeve and sleeve gusset pieces. If you have the pattern, you will see I left out a sleeve piece..... and I think something else. I really just winged it and looked at pictures to get the look at I wanted. Its just squares and rectangles! Anybody can do that :).

Pockets measure about 7"x7". Just draw it and add seam allowances. Cut the pattern on the fold if you are having trouble getting them even.

The pattern sizing is also extremely reliable! I really appreciate having so many sizes in one envelope. I have used this pattern so many times and will continue to do so. It is so worth what I paid for it!

Fabric used: 100% wool from...... I forget where. It's itchy. I can tell you that.

References: First Bull Run 1861: The Souths First Victory by Alan Hankinson page18

Don Troiani's Soldiers in America page 137

History: Basically, in the early part of the way, uniforms consisting of more complicated jackets could not be made fast enough to outfit all of the soldiers. Battleshirts were used instead. They went together quickly, still do, and made for a cohesive look. I sound like I am talking about room decor but really, it makes a difference.

As Always,
Bethany Lynn


  1. The flannel is from B. Black & Sons. I concur with Bethany, the flannel is itchy. However, I've been told that the shirt is a whole lot cooler than the lined jackets so I guess it's worth it! Also, this flannel didn't do much shredding, which is nice.

    Looks great! Mine are a itty bit different, but not much. I have 2 down and one more to go! ~Ivis

  2. Wish you coudl come on over and make one for my brother for our christmkas Civiol war ball. Since you and i like the civl war we would enjoy each others blogs.