Monday, June 20, 2011

Simple corset finished.....

Pattern: Past Patterns 703

Modifications: I made the back lace all the way down because having part of the back sewn together creates some serious pressure points. Trust me, it hurts and it is super easy to fold that part of the pattern under and continue on your merry way.

I also bound the top and bottom raw edges with 1" twill tape. I can't even remember what the pattern said to do but I am pretty sure it does not say to bind it with twill tape because I have done a lot of things before..... never as easy as binding with twill tape! Just have about 1/4" show on the outside and that will insure it will be neat. You will be able to top stitch close to the edge on the front and having more on the back, you will catch it as you go along. It took me a few corsets to figure out I should not just do 1/2" on the front and 1/2" on the back!

Last thing, I never put in that horse hair braid stiffener thing that goes at the bottom. It is supposed to be a support for the petticoats as it flares out more than the hips alone naturally do. Personally, I have found that hips are quite enough! I would rather not deal with that stuff as I would have to order it from yet another place, pay for more shipping, insert the stuff, and deal with some leather covering that the pattern calls for also. Simple is good and finished is better than perfect!

Fabric used: Coutil outer layer and twill inner layer. It was the first time I used coutil and it was just wonderful. If only it weren't so expensive!

All done! Now I just need to make a nice new one for myself.....

As Always,
Bethany Lynn


  1. Greetings,
    oh this is pretty! :)
    Inspires me to get my corsets done. I make a ton for customers, but not me lol. I really like the look of this pattern, I am going to try and recreate Elena's corset for me (from the Mask of Zorro movie) and i think I could alter this pattern enough to suit my needs. Thank you.

    Lovely work as always and it is always a pleasure to visit your blog.

  2. Great to see someone try these. So, without that stiffening at the back edge to support the wait of the petticoats, what does the edge do, lie flat per normal corsets? I don't have much hip but rear-end, yes. I want a simple corset to cross between 1830's-90's would this work?

  3. Angela, The back does just lie flat like any other normal corset. This corset would work between 1830-1890 *but* you may not have the best silhouette for every dress you have in all those eras. The long silhouette was fashionable in the 1840's and 1850's so corsets from that time pushed up more. The 1860's was more round, so this corset has the bust at a more natural line. I have not done anything from the later Victorian era, 80's and 90's so you would just need to try it :). Hope that helps! ~Bethany

  4. Thanks. Good to know how things work with the silhouettes. Thanks you for responding.