Monday, June 6, 2011

Two chemisettes.....

Just some summer whites-- easy, practical. I mentioned this chemisette project over here. and just finished them a few weeks ago. One is made of simple cotton muslin and the other is a windowpane cotton voile. That dress is finished too but it is already at its new home! Pictures someday.

Collar attached... buttons down the front.... twill tape on the sides for ties....
And this picture just shows how I came up with the pattern. This is just her custom mid 19th century bodice pattern. All I did was draw a line a couple of inches from the outside shoulder and go straight down to the waist line. I added some for a hem on the bottom and sides, cut the back on the fold and made sure there was enough over lap to allow for buttons on the front. I used the collar pattern that I had already made. Doing this ensures that the dropped shoulder will be mimicked in her chemisette just like it is in her dress...... and I don't have to worry about it fitting right ;-). I know it will fit ok because its her custom pattern. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

As Always,
Bethany Lynn

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  1. I have been thinking of making some chemisettes using some blouse patterns I have. I thought of doing something similar to what you have done, so perhaps I will go forward with my plans now that I see how well this worked for you.

    Thank you for sharing these!!