Monday, October 24, 2011

Every woman needs..... a jean skirt

Fabric: I think it was a cotton/lycra blend..... Its just the darkest denim I could find from Joann's that could be machine washed and dried. The lining is acetate. Just make sure when you line something that it can be treated the same as the fashion fabric in the wash. ;)

Pattern: Simple Summer Skirt pattern from Fashionably Modest Patterns

Modifications: The length had to be shortened significantly for the recipient and I also did a double ruffle instead of a single ruffle. All I did was shorten and lengthen the ruffle piece accordingly. I also added a lining for warmth and as a sort of slip. I just used the skirt piece without the ruffle. So easy! Now I need one for myself.....and two other people I know rather well decided they would like one for Christmas too.

Yay! for new care tags! I was able to get them from Hobby Time on Etsy and am pleased as punch. They weren't very expensive and she has tons of choices available.

As Always,
Bethany Lynn


  1. How adorable, Bethany Lynn! I love the labels, too. :)

  2. beautiful - you did a wonderful job.

  3. Beautiful! I'd love to try making one myself. :)
    Have a blessed day,