Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ruffles and Stripes

Fabric: 100% cotton lawn (or was it voile?) from Fashion Fabrics Club.

Pattern: I used my own pattern that was drafted from The Dressmaker's Guide instructions. If you wanted to make a similar dress, Past Patterns Fan Front bodice pattern would work. You would just need to use a different sleeve pattern.

Inspiration: Go look at Atlanta's gown! She has a lovely drawing and historical inspiration that this client loved. I was happy to oblige. When else would I get to do 21 yards of ruffles?! And get paid to do it.......

Those two ruffles added a good 4 hours to the construction of the dress. I was surprised at how long they took but they definitely "made" the dress. It would not be the same without them, especially since they are on the bias.

The kick plate is white so that when the dress is worn with white petticoats, the sheer fabric will look the same along the entire skirt. You don't have to do a kick plate with a sheer but I find that sheer fabrics are so light weight that a kick plate helps the skirt drape better. Without it, it seems to stick to the petticoats and ride up. With the kick plate, it is independent from the petticoats and makes a much better silhouette.

Gauging. It's bitter-sweet. It takes so much time and is so fiddly but dresses would not look the same without it.

The dog-leg closure with hooks and thread eyes. The eyes are in white thread so you can barely see them. Hook and eye tape secures the front.

I got to use my new Vienna Woods Historical Reproduction Tags. I am starting to think I should have ordered them in black print though..... oh well.

Bethany Lynn


  1. This is lovely! I love the fabric particularly, and also greatly admire your ruched front. I tried a gathered front a couple years back and failed miserably at it. I have nothing but respect for this gown1

  2. It is so so beautiful! I love the gown and it turned out so well dear sister. You did a lovely job and I am sure the recipiet will love all those ruffles and frills. The colors are perfect for fall! :)

    In Christ,
    becca <3