Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Star Wall Hanging

(hanging sleeve and care label)

Fabric: 100% cotton "quilter's cotton" and polyester low loft batting.

Pattern: I cheated! I don't remember how I got it but the pattern and all the fabric was picked out for me in a kit. Normally, I like to pick everything out myself but I thought I should use the kit since I had it. Plus, this is the first of many Christmas presents and these fabrics definitely looked like what the recipient would like.

Modifications: I added the hanging sleeve on the back for a dowel road to go through. I also cut binding on grain (since the edges of the quilt are straight and not curved) and sewed it right sides together to the BACK. This way when I fold it over to bind the edge, I can sew it on the machine and have it look good on the front. Most people sew the binding right sides to the FRONT and then fold it around to bind the edge and whip stitch it to the back. That takes f.o.r.e.v.e.r. I have a couple more wall hangings to do and I needed this to be done quick! That's my tip for quick quilts. :) I also machine stitched in the ditch instead of hand quilting.


Friday, November 25, 2011

Red Toile Dress

Fabric: 100% cotton "quilters" cotton fabric with 100% cotton chambray fabric for the trim from this dress.

Pattern: There is an explanation on the pattern used over here. If you are not up for changing a pattern so heavily, Baker Lane's Changing Seasons and Catherine's Choice patterns can be used to get this look. Changing seasons has a darted bodice and if you add them to the Catherine's Choice bodice, you have this look.

Modifications: For this customer I needed to make the shoulders wider and lengthen the sleeves to 3/4 length. Both were so simple that I suppose they barely fit into the modifications category. They were just fitting changes and otherwise, I followed the pattern, which is just in my head, to a T.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Civilian Sack Coat

Fabric: 100% wool. October/November has to be the worst time to look for coat weight wool because everyone else is! So many places online were sold out of basic colors like gray and navy so I ended up buying this fabric from a sutler at an event. Note to self: Don't wait till the last minute to find fabric.

Pattern: Period Impressions Union Sack Coat pattern (just google it to find an online store that sells it. PI does not have an online store that I know of.)

Modifications: All I did was add a quilted lining. This pattern does not even tell you to put one in, which I find to not be a good advice! Without a lining, it really will not hold up well or be warm. My other modifications were just to make it look like more of a civilian coat than a uniform. I added more covered buttons and put the top button a little lower so I could roll the collar out to have a lapel. It really was not a very exciting project but there is quite a bit of mundane and practical in between sewing all the ruffles. :) That's just life.


Friday, November 11, 2011

Peacock Feather Bonnet

Fabric: 100% polyester mystery fabric from the Red Tag section of Joann's. All of the ribbons and feathers are from Joann's and are polyester too. It was my first bonnet so eventually I will make a silk one. :) Although, I do have to say that one stop shopping is *really* nice especially when you have friends to tell you what color looks best and that feathers do indeed look good on you.

Pattern: The Julia Bonnet pattern (1800-1809) from Timely Tresses

Modifications: The pattern was great and I followed it almost exactly except I didn't line it with a different fabric. I just used the fashion fabric because I had so much and it was cheap. I also didn't use buckram but again, that plastic cross stitch stuff. More info on that here. The tucks took forever but I think they were worth it.

Bethany Lynn

Monday, November 7, 2011

Another basic

Fabric: Gray mole skin from Joann's with acetate lining.

Pattern: Simple Summer Skirt pattern from Fashionably Modest Patterns (update: I am not sure what is going on with their website. You can try googling the company and looking for this pattern else where or contacting them through their blog if you are looking for this pattern.)

Modifications: Same as this jean skirt. Honestly though, I do have to say that moleskin is hard to work with. Maybe it was just this one, but it had absolutely no stretch. Think about doing rolled hems with no stretch >.< Next time I will look for a moleskin with some lycra or other fiber in it.

Bethany Lynn

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Soft and warm....

Fabric: 100% Wool something from Ebay. I do suspect it has some synthetic in it just because of the feel but it was the cheapest price for the amount. Plus, I was in a pinch. The black is 100% wool too. Lining is silk taffeta and the batting is wool. Frog closures are synthetic. That would be why they are shiny ;)

Pattern: Kay Fig's Lady's paletote pattern
Modifications: Well, I haven't looked at the directions in ages so I am not sure how much I followed them or modified. The first time I used this pattern, I was new at sewing and fitting and the booklet was a God send. It had all sorts of instructions and helpful things in addition to how to put the actual coat together. I highly recommend it :).

Anyways, obvious modifications would be that I made the collar more pointed instead of a peter pan collar. The pattern has several options but I modified the peter pan collar piece in particular.

The sleeve was also supposed to be two pieces. I wondered why I had to ease it so much to get it to go together! I put the sleeve in and lined it before I realized so I just decided to leave it. If you follow the pattern, the sleeve would have more room but the slimmer sleeve worked ok for this client.

I can't remember but I think the pattern mentions quilting the lining as an option. I just cut the lining about a size larger because when it is quilted, it shrinks up a bit. You can have fun with the stitching pattern too. I did diagonal lines and a chevron in the back of this one.

Quilted lining on the inside. YES, it took time and YES it is so worth it and warm. Its amazing what natural fibers can do.

Bethany Lynn