Sunday, November 20, 2011

Civilian Sack Coat

Fabric: 100% wool. October/November has to be the worst time to look for coat weight wool because everyone else is! So many places online were sold out of basic colors like gray and navy so I ended up buying this fabric from a sutler at an event. Note to self: Don't wait till the last minute to find fabric.

Pattern: Period Impressions Union Sack Coat pattern (just google it to find an online store that sells it. PI does not have an online store that I know of.)

Modifications: All I did was add a quilted lining. This pattern does not even tell you to put one in, which I find to not be a good advice! Without a lining, it really will not hold up well or be warm. My other modifications were just to make it look like more of a civilian coat than a uniform. I added more covered buttons and put the top button a little lower so I could roll the collar out to have a lapel. It really was not a very exciting project but there is quite a bit of mundane and practical in between sewing all the ruffles. :) That's just life.


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