Friday, November 11, 2011

Peacock Feather Bonnet

Fabric: 100% polyester mystery fabric from the Red Tag section of Joann's. All of the ribbons and feathers are from Joann's and are polyester too. It was my first bonnet so eventually I will make a silk one. :) Although, I do have to say that one stop shopping is *really* nice especially when you have friends to tell you what color looks best and that feathers do indeed look good on you.

Pattern: The Julia Bonnet pattern (1800-1809) from Timely Tresses

Modifications: The pattern was great and I followed it almost exactly except I didn't line it with a different fabric. I just used the fashion fabric because I had so much and it was cheap. I also didn't use buckram but again, that plastic cross stitch stuff. More info on that here. The tucks took forever but I think they were worth it.

Bethany Lynn


  1. It's very cute! I hope to make a bonnet someday It just seems like it would be hard.

  2. Definitely worth it and yes, the feathers look darling on you. :)


  3. Dear Bethany,

    I just realized that you are the same girl from the Girlhood Home Companion interview cd that we've been enjoying the past few days! I feel rather sheepish now. . . :)

    I loved your interview, and it was very inspiring to my girls. I think your words will bless every girl that takes the magazine.