Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Soft and warm....

Fabric: 100% Wool something from Ebay. I do suspect it has some synthetic in it just because of the feel but it was the cheapest price for the amount. Plus, I was in a pinch. The black is 100% wool too. Lining is silk taffeta and the batting is wool. Frog closures are synthetic. That would be why they are shiny ;)

Pattern: Kay Fig's Lady's paletote pattern
Modifications: Well, I haven't looked at the directions in ages so I am not sure how much I followed them or modified. The first time I used this pattern, I was new at sewing and fitting and the booklet was a God send. It had all sorts of instructions and helpful things in addition to how to put the actual coat together. I highly recommend it :).

Anyways, obvious modifications would be that I made the collar more pointed instead of a peter pan collar. The pattern has several options but I modified the peter pan collar piece in particular.

The sleeve was also supposed to be two pieces. I wondered why I had to ease it so much to get it to go together! I put the sleeve in and lined it before I realized so I just decided to leave it. If you follow the pattern, the sleeve would have more room but the slimmer sleeve worked ok for this client.

I can't remember but I think the pattern mentions quilting the lining as an option. I just cut the lining about a size larger because when it is quilted, it shrinks up a bit. You can have fun with the stitching pattern too. I did diagonal lines and a chevron in the back of this one.

Quilted lining on the inside. YES, it took time and YES it is so worth it and warm. Its amazing what natural fibers can do.

Bethany Lynn

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