Friday, December 2, 2011

"Men's Collar"

Yarn: 1 ball of Palette Yarn in "Ash"

Pattern: Men's Collar in Knit and Crochet from Knitting Two a La Mode

Story: I made this for my dad's birthday because we have an event coming up in West Virginia that is quite cold. Knitting Two a La Mode is a collection of knitting patterns (with some crochet trim) that is suitable for 1860's living history as the patterns are from ladies magazines from that period. When I gave it to him, my dad reminded me that it would be great for riding his bike in the winter too! It gets cold with all that wind in your face and you can pull it up over you mouth and nose for extra warmth. I was glad to know it was quite versatile. ;)

Modifications: Ok, I didn't really follow the pattern even when I started because I didn't knit it in the round. At the end, I just sewed up the sides to form a tube. It was easier for me that way because I didn't have the right needles to knit it in the round. I only had two that were size 3. I did not have 5 double pointed or 1 set of circular. With that said, I followed the pattern besides knitting in the round until it came to "cast off 40". I didn't do that but just knit ALL (for me 120) the stitches instead of "knit the plastron on the rest of the stitches" (which would have been 80) until it was 7"-8" long. Since it needs to go on over the head, you have to cast off with a stretchy stitch. I made the mistake of casting off with my usual cast off and I couldn't get it on over my head! I ripped it out and used this stitch. It worked great!

I am rather new to following knitting patterns and it could be they wanted me to cast off and then knit the 7"-8" not in the round. If you use the pattern, I would recommend following the pattern first and then figuring out if you want to modify it. For all I know, their way is better! I might not have understood what they were saying but casting off so there is only 80 stitches and still knitting in the round would make this thing unable to get over any head! Just use your best judgement. With really small yarn, it does take some time to work up but I think it is a worthwhile project.

Happy Knitting!



  1. Oh my goodness, I really like this! It looks just like the illustration and I love how practical it is. Your description of your modifications is very helpful. Where did you get the book with knitting patterns? This is something David would enjoy having, for both reenacting and modern life. (and I think I'd like one too!)


    Sarah Jane, here is a link to the pattern. It is very simple to make. I've done this with thicker yarn which isn't absolutely period correct but it works up quicker.