Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Radiating Spring Table Runner

Fabric: It's all from my scrap bin! I think it's all 100% cotton although I suspect that navy might have some poly in it. It all works out because it can still be washed cold and line dried. :)

Pattern: Free Table Topper Pattern

Modifications: Their cutting instructions are really odd. I recommend reading them and figuring out what the measurements are for the pieces and going from there. They assume you have a certain amount of fabric (several fat quarters) but following their cutting instructions just ends up wasting fabric. See! You can't quilt and get out of doing any math! Maybe I should have done some sort of quilting in that large middle square? Next time!



  1. I love this. It's exactly my favourite shade of navy and off-white! And it gives me clothing ideas. I guess that was not intended, but it's a nice added value. :-)

  2. That light, flowered blue fabric is my absolute favorite! It's the one you made my apron out of... my well-worn apron ;-)

  3. Wonderful and so well sewn, attention to detail is stunning. Thanks for the idea ;-}