Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Another Sunrise, Another Beginning Quilt

This is long over due but better late than never! A dear friend of mine had a birthday back in June so what could I do but make a quilt. Yes, I'm crazy but once I started, I had to finish!

This was my first attempt at machine quilting and I really enjoyed it. I was surprised at how much time it took but I feel like it adds so much to the quilt over all. It makes it seem so much more finished, like it is a complete piece of art that continues, not just thread and fabric stitched together but one unified piece. I will definitely be doing more machine quilting from now on.

 I found the Free Motion Quilting Project blog to be extremely helpful as a complete beginner. You can look through her "find a design" pages easily because they are sorted by level and directional pattern. I knew I wanted an up and down type design to go with the pattern of the quilt. Her site made it so easy to find something that I was looking for and at my skill level also! The finished stitching design is a combination of Matrix Flow, Flowing Lines, and Flowing Glass. In reality, I just started sewing to get the look I wanted! It was very organic and I love that about machine quilting. You can't really make it look bad but there is always room for improvement it seems.

I did not come up with the pieced pattern but used Purl Bee's wedding quilt pattern. The directions are clear and easy to follow. There are so many possibilities with such a simple design. With different colors and a different machine quilting pattern, it could have a totally different feel.

Most of the quilts I have made have definitely been in the traditional category but this was just as fun, rewarding, and I hope aesthetically pleasing to the recipient! Making and giving a quilt to someone you love to show commitment, respect and that love has to make some of the most cherished memories I will ever have.

Love and Blessings,