Monday, October 29, 2012

Catherine's Choice dress pattern


(nursing access)


Catherine's Choice was Baker Lane's first dress pattern but you would never know it! I was and still am quite impressed with their directions and attention to detail in their patterns as a whole. 

Surprisingly, I would recommend this pattern for beginners as the directions are so very thorough and easy to follow. I made this dress for a customer without making a mock up and didn't have any concerns with doing so! I made this dress in a morning- 5 hours including cutting out. I fully expected it to take me much longer and use more yardage. With careful cutting I used around 5 yards instead of the suggested 6 yards. 

I plan on using the sleeve style for other projects and I know that this style could be made into other more modern dresses, simply by shortening the length and choosing other solid fabrics or even geometric prints. The pattern cover really does not do it justice. Empire styles are really in lately and this pattern is a great place to start. I highly recommend Baker Lane and their patterns! So worth the price.



  1. Lovely dress. I love the print. It is getting hard to find small prints anymore.

  2. Such beautiful dresses! I love these old-fashioned gowns and am so amazed. My sewing skills are poor, and I so admire what you do. Just lovely!