Friday, April 4, 2014

{An 1860's Child's Dress}

The weather here has been just crazy! One day, we have 60* weather and the next, we have snow! Sheesh! I sewed this little dress for a friend of ours a couple of weeks ago and I thought I should take advantage of the pretty precipitation that this photoshoot would offer. 

The fabric is simple cotton homespun from Joann's fabrics and the trim is from Abraham's Lady. Both have been in the stash for some time and I think it will be much enjoyed by this little boy. (Yes, little boys wore dresses until they were toiled trained in the 1860's.) 

His mother let me borrow his current dress to make a pattern. I then enlarged it in the side seams, around the armscye, and lengthened the sleeves, bodice and skirt. It was very easy and it was so nice to not pay for a pattern! Similar styles of patterns can be bought from the Sewing Academy

Finished with wooden buttons, also from Abraham's Lady. Easy peasy! 


  1. Okay, now that's just sad. I thought it was for a little girl, brown plaid and all. And to top it off, he had another one. I'm hoping the little boy is under two. That's not so bad if he is. But, there is something I think is worse than dressing the boys in dresses while they are being toilet trained, and that is letting them go naked below the waist. I'd far rather see them in dresses. Babies were toilet trained very early at one time, beginning even as early as 6 months. (Don't know if it was in the 1860s or not). I used to think this was absurd and even harmful for the child, until I heard from a woman who trained her children this way (and they are now very well adjusted adults, I might add), and it made sense.
    I'm brand new to your blog and I'm excited to see what all you do.

  2. Yes, this little boy is under two and doesn't mind his dresses at all. It is so practical for diaper changing!

  3. A lovely dress, Bethany! I love the practicality of the old-fashioned dress; so much nicer to have babies wear dresses than dress like a teenager in hoodies and jeans!