Sunday, October 19, 2014

~Christmas Coasters!

Normally, I am quite the procrastinator but I have some big life changes occurring come January. No room for holiday over flow this year! I am trying to get started on things early (it's almost November...maybe this isn't actually all that early.) and work a little bit each day. I've had some progress so far! These are for gifts and a dear friend asked me to sew several sets of coasters for her own family and friends. I happily obliged! 

Each set has 6 coasters. I used Christmas themed quilter's cotton and I followed the instructions over at a Heartmade Life. I am actually a little bit sad that they are finished because they were so fun and relaxing to make! I love projects that can be done assembly style and take little thought. I get to check things off my to do list while not stressing. That is always nice.... ;)

What are you hoping to make for Christmas this year? Blessings!

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